Our Story

At Sovany we believe people don’t just want ethics, they want a healthy option without sacrificing flavor! By focusing on the taste coming from fruit itself we give authenticity that is lacking in the market.

Sovany’s clean label and simple packaging speaks to the branding. We are a high-end brand which is totally accessible. Sovany works with Tradin Organics to source it’s Organic, Non-GMO ingredients and maintains a commitment to fair trade and sustainable production. Packaged in environmentally friendly BPA free aluminum cans and engineered to have just the right amount of bubbles, Sovany is a “guilt-free” all occasion premium without being exclusive beverage.

Sovany was founded by health-conscious entrepreneur, Marcella Fodor. During the summer of 2017, Marcella was craving a refreshing, tasty and healthy beverage that would fit her busy lifestyle. Left underwhelmed by what she found in stores she started mixing sparkling water and organic juice in the kitchen of her home. The blends became a staple in her fridge and when friends started craving the recipe Marcella knew she was on to something good.

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